Retrogorgo Photography

The Art of Seeing

How do you see the world around you?
Do you often see what others miss or are you inclined to miss what others see?

You are not alone if the art of seeing has escaped you!
As is often the case, most have no idea how to interpret the world around them

Getting Started with Your DSLR

We want photography to be fun for you, and by knowing the ins and outs of your camera, it will help you to not only become a better photographer but also have a great time shooting photos.

Portrait Photography and Posing For Photographers

Suitable for beginners and intermediate photographers, in this course of over 130 lectures and 12 hours you'll learn the fundamentals of portrait photography and portrait photography editing.

Beginner Photography Composition

From specific techniques like leading lines and the rule of thirds to the basics of how to frame, use negative space, and creatively crop your photos, you'll learn very simple methods that will immediately improve your skills as a photographer.

Ignoring your background

Not using signs or backgrounds to help tell a story can be a mistake. If a sign will add humour or create a context for your subject, make sure to include it.

Don’t take pictures, make pictures

Instead of snapping photos randomly everywhere you go, take your time and create photos with intention.
Determine the story you want to tell and create a picture to reflect what you want to say.
Different lenses help tell your story; for example, a wide angle lens tells more about the space and environment, while a telephoto lens tells more about a specific subject.

Following all the rules

Learn all of the rules, and throw them out the window. Once you know the rules, you know how to break them. Get creative, get inspired and remember it’s not always the quality of the photo, but the moments you capture.

Tips on Taking Photos of Water Drops


Look for a water source, as simple as a fountain or even a garden hose, which will create droplets of water, spurting out regularly


Having a colorful background is a good idea since it makes your droplets or diamonds stand out. Try to choose a darker background instead of a lighter one.


Shoot with the shutter-priority mode or Manual mode, per your choice. If you are shooting in Manual, you can use an aperture of f/4 and manipulate the shutter.

Adella Warrick,
CEO at Retrogorgo Photography